Piecing It Together is a physical experience designed to bring two strangers closer together and uncover how to get through tough times together.


4 weeks





After Effects


Inspired by Kat Valentino and Vincent Mosemann’s story, I designed an experience in which two strangers enter into a space without the knowledge of the other’s presence. Visitors first learn how to solve problems on their own and understand the challenges and difficulties that entail and then how to rely on a stranger to help them through their collective challenge.

Experience Design

The main takeaway for the visitor is that they went through an experience in which they struggled on their own and could then rely on a stranger, even for only a few minutes, in order to go through a challenge and solve the problem.


01: Design Concept

From the start, my main design goal was to create an experience that moves from individual and loneliness to one that celebrates community for strangers. Though this changed throughout the design process, to the core, I sought to design an experience that changed visitor ‘s emotions over time. 

02: User Experience

Throughout the process of designing interactions, I tried to understand the movement of visitor and what walls and layout would create the most intuitive experience.

03: CAD Model

To aid in my design process, I created a physical model to understand scale anad the system of interactions that could take place in the environment.

Project Takeaways

Physical prototyping was crucial to the development of the
user experience.

Creating a physical model was essential to visualizing how big the space is. I needed to use walls to break up the space, and having a model allowed me to understand how to create interactions that were appropriate for the space.

Visual design in a physical space is hard.

I found it key to create my own data visualization graphics for this project in order to produce a cohesive experience for the visitor. Though this project, I learned the importance of identity and visual continuity in spatial experiences.

Spatial storytelling is very different from digital experience design.

While working on this project, the concept of telling a story through physical space helped to design my interactions within the environment. I needed to consider what interactions should occur in what order so as to design a cohesive and persuasive experience.