Challenging ideas of finding solutions to
design problems just for the sake of it.


2 weeks






Immediately thinking of technological solutions to problems when given a design problem is a very common idea in design. As designers, we often care about how the things we design are used, experienced, and viewed by people.

But what if, even for a little bit, we took the time to understand the problems that we are working on rather than focusing on the seductive new AR/VR experience or AI technology?

Approaching complex problems with solutions that take the desired form without thinking about how the designed solution could be sustainable in the long term, creates another plethora of problems compounding on the ones that currently exist.

Finding a Solution to Solutionism?

This booklet introduces designers and creative problem solvers to solutionism and unsettling current perceptions of sustainability in the design field and prompts designers and creative problem solvers to think about the long-term effects of their designed objects, services, and systems. It does not propose no solutions to design problems, nor does it provide any solutions to the “problem” of solutionism. The objective of the booklet is to expose designers to ideas of sustainability and solutions in their designs.