Hi I’m Thien Le, an Experience Designer interested in creating digital + physical experiences. Currently studying design and social & political history at Carnegie Mellon University. 
Lately I’ve been..

Connecting those wanting to learn more about how to enact change in their community to create equitable futures.

interaction design

Personalizing Headspace and helping people create life-changing habits to improve the health and happiness of the world.

conversational ui 
user testing


Revitalizing a nostalgic brand and reinventing it as a streaming aggregator using research and strategy to design experience touchpoints.

strategic experience design
brand design

The Block

Bringing strangers together and helping them realize the difficulties of loneliness and how to rely on others in times of need.

experiential design
space design
user experience

Piecing It Together

Concentrating on how critical design theory and powerful storytelling might pave the way for more responsible, equitable, and exciting futures through a series of speculative design projects.

speculative design
visual design
experiential design

Possibilistic Design

Creating meaningful and memorable experiences for users and helping brands across diverse industries deliver on their purpose at Siegel+Gale.

experience design
product strategy
user research

Siegel+Gale Internship

Exposing museum visitors to the epidemic that is anthropogenic bird decline and its effects on climate change through a hybrid exhibit experience. 

exhibition design
user experience
intelligent environments

Nature Up Close

Providing a different way of learning and engaging with the world around us through a mixed reality experience.

user experience
spatial storytelling
mixed reality

Understanding how to design for communities and health policy by mapping the system of interactions that occur in local organizations and systemic problems. 

visual design
design research
transition design